Ginovation Aluminum (For Left Hand)




Ginovation Aluminum is the latest quickdraw holster made by Jr Holster. It offers an automatic lock patented design, a detachable belt holder that doesn’t need for screws and allen keys for you to detach. Easy to pack specially when you’re travelling! It has a changeable cover, a smart design when you want to change one color to another, no need to buy for the whole holster to change the look! Adjustable height, forward and backword for shooter’s reference and as a full lock and full unlock option.

Available for: GLOCK, TANFOGLIO STOCK 2&3, STI PLASTIC AND METAL FRAME, 1911, CZ, Metro Arms, XDM, Springfield, Sps, Sv Grip, Metrillo, Bernabe Guns & Para Ordnance

Is it Universal? = No, it is not universal. As long as possible, each gun fits into a specific lock and base of the holster to have a perfect fit. But, it is
convertible, eg: just buy a conversion kit for you to convert Glock to STI and to other more guns.

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Dominant Hand

Left Hand, Right Hand


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